What will Taiba Do?

This is the fight to build a City that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and the well-connected. It won’t be easy. But the time has come for change - and that won’t come from the establishment representation we have in office. But united by our values, we can make lasting, progressive impact.

Let’s raise our voices together to demand progress!


Economic Justice

We need to fix the broken system in our city of Easton! Improving our economy starts from the bottom up. Many people in Easton live from paycheck to paycheck, and there are too many roadblocks to finding a job…

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Community Policing

On a national scale, to a local level - we are in a crisis when faced with police and law enforcement interactions with people of color. More than ever, we must address community violence - and invest in our young people to prevent crime rather than relying on a Police-Only strategy…

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All people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. Our city has historic roots based in Freedom and Liberty, and today should champion for Equality and Freedom for all. People should never be discriminated against because of ethnic background, sexual orientation, race, or gender identity...

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Affordable Housing

Whether you own or rent, you are feeling the squeeze. We need leaders who can be strong advocates for increasing AFFORDABLE housing. This is one important way to preserve the racial and socioeconomic diversity that makes Easton such a unique place to live. Tackling the housing issue in Easton is essential to ensuring that Easton remains a place where long-time families and newcomers can both find affordable options. We need to increase the number of affordable housing units in new development projects…

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When residents lose access to their elected officials, the system has failed them. We need to renew an understanding in the City Hall: our governments work FOR the people, not the other way around…

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The people of Easton have been neglected for years and years. When quality of life is lacking - the homeless population is a city’s most visible sign of a problem. Back in March of 2016, our local government “solved” this issue - by pushing the homeless out of our city under the pretense of promoting a “safe and clean city…”

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Public Engagement

Whether you’ve lived in Easton for 3 months or 3 generations, we all want the same thing: the ability to live and work in a community we love without getting displaced. We can welcome change while still ensuring the city is looking out for current residents. We want to preserve the diverse sense of community, support our artists, preserve green spaces, healthy initiatives and other features that make Easton such a great place to live…

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