Taiba Sultana: a Voice for the People.


Taiba Sultana is a resident of Easton PA and very passionate about making a change the dynamic in our community, to ensure ALL of our voices are heard. She is also passionate about the future of our City.

Mother + mentor…

She is a dedicated wife and a loving mother. As a mother of children attending public schools, and as a former employee of the school district, she is passionate about school safety and deeply committed to supporting and strengthening our public education system.

She is Vice-Chair of Northampton Democratic Party and committee person of Easton Democratic committee. In this role, she goes above and beyond her duties --she has been actively working to involve young people in the political process and elect qualified candidates for public offices in Northampton and through the State of Pennsylvania.

She is determined, decisive, confident, a hard worker and a problem solver. No one can deny that Taiba is a tireless community organizer and a progressive activist who has invested all of her energy to serve the community. She has had a diverse and wide range of experience that have helped to shape her and make her passionate about community service.

Taiba sultana calls Pennsylvania her homestate and Lehigh/Northampton her hometown. After leaving PA for a couple of years to seek new opportunities, she realized that the City of Easton and its community was the best place for her and her family.

activisit + champion…

She has been active with many campaigns and organizations. She has extensive knowledge of political activities and her focus is on current political issues at the local, State and National level.

Taiba is an Executive member of the International Youth General Assembly and has been invited for International youth conferences as delegate and speaker. She is a member of Emgage PAC and advisory council of the PAK Political Action Committee (PAC), where she works with board and staff members on upcoming programs.

business owner…

She is a former owner of a Mexican restaurant and CEO of P’burg Mini Mart. Being a business women in her 30s is no less an honor and privilege for her. In that process, she learned her skills in business administration and management.

Her goal is to help build a city where renters, homeowners, youth, women, workers, citizens and immigrants are valued and can meaningfully participate in a democratic process, shape the development plan for their city, live in a healthy environment, and have access to quality jobs and housing.

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The future is bright - join us and be a part of progress!