The people of Easton have been neglected for years and years. When quality of life is lacking - the homeless population is a city’s most visible sign of a problem.

Back in March of 2016, our local government “solved” this issue - by pushing the homeless out of our city under the pretense of promoting a “safe and clean city.”

Our City’s top 20 earners were local employees who each made $100,000 last year – that’s our tax payer money funding their comfortable lifestyle. While we commend our public service employees, we also need to use local resources to address issues that affect ALL of us. The income inequality and lifestyle inequality in our City is morally bankrupt and requires a solution.

Housing is a Human Right

  • We need to ease the process of establishing shelters at existing churches and nonprofit centers

  • We need shelters for homeless women, who are often victims of domestic violence and have experienced sexual assault

  • We need Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP) funds to be invested in programs including rental assistance and subsidies, outreach, and youth services

  • We have an affordable housing and shelter crisis that continues to ravage the city and we need to do better at getting housing/shelters for our most vulnerable families