Economic Justice Platform

We need to increase wages through policies like the $15.00 minimum wage so that low-income workers are better able to find housing that costs less than 30% of their income

I grew up knowing what it feels like to sometimes not have enough, it is why I understand the importance of passing a living wage and fighting for economic justice. Ensuring a living wage of $15 isn’t a just a goal, it means the difference between my neighbors having enough food on the table, having a warm place to sleep and maintaining the dignity to pursue their dreams. A living wage is the foundation of a strong family because when parents spend more time at home, kids succeed in school. When renters can afford to live and spend money in their communities, small businesses thrive and wealth stays in the community. Women and workers of color are disproportionately affected by low wages, and earning a fair income gets us one step closer to a more equitable city.

Cities must invest in working people by increasing wages, bolstering workplace protections, shaping policies to help balance work and family life, and finding innovative ways to combat extreme poverty.

  • We need better paid family and sick leave for hard workers.

  • Introduce a resolution affirming Easton’s commitment to gender pay equality

  • Support responsible economic developments that don’t push people out of their community

  • Development should be led by the community and for the communities benefit. That means a strong community benefits agreement with committed funds for the developers to ensure green space, community centers and programs that help with displacement/rising costs. We need our city to work for US, not only for developers.

  • Our City needs housing trust funds that help city employees and everyday working people

  • Small businesses are the backbone of a vibrant community, so we need to support local businesses and cooperatives, which keeps wealth in our communities

  • We want to make sure our taxes help our communities instead of wealthy developers. Therefore, I have pledged to take $0 from for profit developers and those associated with them

  • We need to prioritize pedestrian safety, bike safety ,and transit safety for all communities

  • We need to incentivize the development of vibrant streets and sidewalks

  • We need to spend for better infrastructures