Affordable Housing

Whether you own or rent, you are feeling the squeeze. We need leaders who can be strong advocates for increasing AFFORDABLE housing. This is one important way to preserve the racial and socioeconomic diversity that makes Easton such a unique place to live. Tackling the housing issue in Easton is essential to ensuring that Easton remains a place where long-time families and newcomers can both find affordable options.

We need to increase the number of affordable housing units in new development projects.

  • We need to Negotiate with landlords and work for greater tenant protections to prevent no-fault evictions

  • Establish an Office of Housing Stability to help individuals find and maintain stable affordable housing

  • We need to help support small businesses and enhance communitydevelopments by advocating for affordable commercial space, and help stronger foster neighborhoods and empower community members to take collective actions and generate solutions to common problems

  • We need to work to keep taxes reasonable and bringing more housing options, while also working to strengthen our inclusionary zoning and seek increased funding for affordable housing and homeless shelters in the city